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Full Product Suite

GoLightly has been providing a complete suite of hosted, social networking sites for associations and their members since 2002. GoLightly's Social Networks include:

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing member management solutions, or stand alone if you don't currently use a membership database.
  • Member Directory and My Page: Personalized pages allow members to create their own profiles, complete with photo, bio, privacy and permission settings, email preferences, and workgroups.
  • Groups: Members can easily create, categorize and lead workgroups or interest groups, and communicate and collaborate using group email lists, resource libraries, and wiki notepads.
  • Listservs & Archived Email: Easily start and manage an unlimited number of email and discussion lists, which can be targeted by workgroups, region, or other criteria.
  • Personal and Group Blogs: Give your staff and members an online voice to express themselves and add richness to your community.
  • Library & Photos: Shared libraries provide a space to upload and easily find and download files, links, stories, book reviews, etc. Members can rate library items, and browse the latest submissions.
  • Calendars: Add events for either your entire community or for one of your private groups.
  • Forums / Bulletin Boards: Let members support each other by providing a place for answers to common questions on a wide variety of topics.
  • Wiki Notepads: "Wiki's" are a great tool for shared work spaces, to-do lists, project management, document creation, and more.
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NTEN Association

Holly Ross, NTEN "I find the tool so straight- forward to administer, and so easy for users to navigate that I would definitely recommend it. It's a great next step from the generic email discussion lists that many groups are using."

Holly Ross, Executive Director